For referees seeking 2016 Officiating accreditation, the following steps need to be completed:
1) Ensure you have 2016 Membership with your State Association;
2) Log in to the Learning Portal here (use the same login and password as the AFF Fencing portal) then contact Cerri ( State Officiating Director) and enroll you in the appropriate course;
3) Log in after you have been enrolled you and refresh your training with the online materials;URL
4) start the assessment with the Club Officiating Course Evaluation and the ASC Introductory Level Officiating General Principles online course (You will need to register separately with the Australian Sports Commission online learning portal);
5) download a log-book and log your referee practice hours;
6) complete the theoretical assessment;
7) contact for a time to have your practical assessment - this can be at a club training session;
8) Once assessments are complete, pay the annual accreditation fee of $25