It has been another successful year for Fencing in the ACT.  For the first time in 15 years we held a National Event.  The D.H. McKenzie, held in April at the AIS, was the most successful, (based on entries) of any AFF#1 event in memory, (or records).  Thanks to the organising committee and volunteers that worked throughout the event.

Once again our member numbers increased, up to 142, almost 6 times when I first joined ACTFA 5 years ago.

As I step down from the Presidency, I leave behind an Association that is in a strong position, not just with Finances, and Equipment, but with a spirit of cooperation in its members. 

I would like to thank all of the members of the committee and volunteers over the last 5 years, that have helped build the association to what it is today.

Gordon Christie

President 2009


Download this file (ACTFA Almanac 2009 - Booklet.pdf)ACTFA Almanac 2009 - Booklet[A5 Booklet. Print double sided.]142 kB
Download this file (ACTFA Almanac 2009.pdf)ACTFA Almanac 2009[A4 - 2xA5 pagers per page]142 kB