The rankings system for ACTFA for 2010 is vastly different to the previous years.  While any competition in the ACT can be used, not all can be used. 

Each weapon has 4 groups of competions that can be used.  Monthly, Annual, State and National.  For the Monthly and Annual groups, half the events count for the rankings (rounded up).  For the State and National groups, only one event count.

For each group the following number of competitions count towards your Ranking. 

Open Events Foil Epee Sabre Multiplier
Monthly 2 of 3
4 of 7
3 of 6
Annual 2 of 3
1 of 2
1 of 2
State 1 of 6
1 of 6
1 of 6
National 1 of 4
1 of 4
1 of 4

What this means is that you are not disavanataged if you can't make it to a competition.  The highest results for each person for the number of competitions will be counted.  The points are multiplied by the Multiplier factor.

eg.   For Epee, there will be 7 Monthly competitions, the best 4 results for a fencer will be counted.  The best of their results for the 2 Annual events will count, and the same for the State and National events.

The junior age group categories will work in the same way with the addition of all older age groups and the open competitons. The veteran groups will include the Open events as well.  

Novice categories will only include novice events.

If you ahve any questions about the 2010 rankings please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (Ranking System for 2010-v0.1.pdf)2010 Ranking System[ ]71 kB