The foil was run as a mixed poules competition with the Mens and Womens competitions split out and run with separate DEs.  Separate medals were awarded.





Download this file (2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Epée-Mixed-Veteran.pdf)2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Epée-Mixed-Veteran.pdf[2019 ACT Veteran Championships - Mens/Mixed Epee]204 kB
Download this file (2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Epée-Women-Veteran.pdf)2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Epée-Women-Veteran.pdf[2019 ACT Veteran Championships Womens Epee]65 kB
Download this file (2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Foil-Mixed-Veteran.pdf)2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Foil-Mixed-Veteran.pdf[2019 ACT Veteran Championships - Mixed Foil Results]142 kB
Download this file (2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Foil-Women-Veteran-Split.pdf)2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Foil-Women-Veteran-Split.pdf[Womens Foil DE and Classification]56 kB
Download this file (2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Sabre-Men-Veteran.pdf)2019 ACT Veteran Championships-Sabre-Men-Veteran.pdf[2019 ACT Veteran Championships - Mens Sabre Results]95 kB