The ACT Fencing Association is committed to the ongoing improvement of fencing in the ACT, and supporting their attendance at AFF training camps is consistent with this objective.


The AFF are currently holding four National Camps each year as part of the High Performance Program. These camps are held at the AIS in Canberra, and present a valuable opportunity for ACT Fencers to train with members of the Australian Fencing Team and Australian Fencing Squad.


At each camp, the AFF request ACTFA to provide a number of sets of scoring equipment (ie two spools, two ground leads and one scoring box). In exchange, they offer some free places for ACT fencers. In addition to these free places, ACTFA may be asked to nominate fencers for consideration to be invited to the camp (at the full registration fee), and ACT fencers may also be directly invited to participate by the AFF. Depending on availability or positions (as determined by the AFF), the weapons available for free places and/or ACT nomination may be restricted.