ACTFA represents the sport of fencing and its community in the ACT.  We promote a safe and inclusive sporting environment, grow ACT participation in fencing, and develop strong pathways for the ACT fencing community.

Our Values are:

  • Safety – support a safe and healthy sporting environment.
  • Sportsmanship – promote fair, ethical, and generous behaviours, to individuals and teams, in all activities for training, competition and representational events.
  • Inclusiveness – seek to make the sport of fencing accessible and enjoyable to any and all sections of the community.
  • Teamwork – promote the benefits of good teamwork in the organisation and conduct of sport.
  • Governance – provide good and trusted governance in the management of the sport of fencing in the ACT. 

Our Mission is to work closely with the collective of ACT fencing clubs to develop quality pathways which will promote fencing to new beginners and provide fencers with access to different levels of competition and personal development.

ACTFA works closely with the Australian Fencing Federation.

ACTFA has strengthened its organisational capabilities by:

  • Facilitate the national high performance camps held quarterly at the AIS.
  • Utilising a standard accounting software package for our accounts.
  • Engage State Coaching and Officiating Officers.
  • Having a permanent equipment storage facility at the Tuggeranong Archery Centre.

In addition to hosting the Australian National Fencing Championships for 2017, we now have state competitions for all age-profiles.

Canberra has won the right to host the Commonwealth Senior and Veteran Fencing Championships from 23 to 28 November 2018.  Canberra will play host to over 800 fencers, officials, and their supports from all over the Commonwealth.

In 2018, we will mature our high performance squad, support clubs by promoting the sport of fencing, and increasing our professionalism. The Operational funding in 2018 will be used across the following ACT Active 2020 Strategic Priorities and should be considered in conjunction with ACTFA Strategic Plan 2017-2022.


Download this file (2018 ACTFA Operational Plan.doc)2018 ACTFA Operational Plan.doc[ACTFA 2018 Operational Plan]68 kB