Our vision is to develop ACT fencing to be recognised by the ACT general community as safe, inclusive, valued, and challenging with sporting opportunities available for all sections of the community.  We will do that with the following Strategic Goals:

Goal 1. ACTFA will work collaboratively with the ACT fencing clubs to develop quality pathways which provide beginners and competitive fencers with positive experiences.

Goal 2. ACTFA promotes and grows the profile of fencing in the ACT.

Goal 3. ACT fencing community is recognised throughout Australia as having credible levels of fencing training, competition, sporting expertise, and tournament achievements.

Our Brand Values are:

  • A fun, enjoyable sport
  • A sport with a difference
  • A physically and mentally challenging sport
  • A sport which is easily accessible by all age groups, genders, and levels of ability

The role of ACTFA is:

  • Supporting clubs
  • Running successful events
  • Setting policy for the conduct of fencing in the ACT
  • Linking clubs to the Australian fencing Federation (AFF)
  • Communicating with the broader (fencing) community in the ACT

Our strengths are:

  • Geographical Nature and the Location of the ACT
  • Collegiate nature of clubs
  • Dedicated committee
  • Brand – Olympic sport, individual nature, sword fighting element
  • Facilities (TAC, and AIS plus fencing clubs at UNSW/ADFA, ANU, St Mary McKillop High School, Kaleen Primary School, and Lancaster Hall, Wesley
  • Close relationship with the National body, the Australian Fencing Federation (AFF)
  • Alignment with ACT Active 2020 Plan




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