2019 ACT State Championships


Epée - Female - Senior


presence last name first name date of birth gender club league region country ranking licence
1 Scott Sara Female Sydney University NSW Australia 2
1 Noonan Rita Female Maison Escrime ACT Australia 8
1 Syme Catherine Female SHFA NSW Australia 15
1 Buchanan Courtney Female Silversword Fencing Academy NSW Australia 16
1 Buchanan Tanya Female Silversword Fencing Academy NSW Australia 17
0 ** Without team ** 0


Table of 8 Semi-final Final Winner
Scott Sara AUS
V0-0Scott Sara AUS
V-6Scott Sara AUS
Buchanan Tanya Australia | |
12-VBuchanan Courtney Australia |
Buchanan Courtney Australia |
V-4Scott Sara AUS
Syme Catherine Australia |
V0-0Syme Catherine Australia |
| |
12-VNoonan Rita Australia
0-V0Noonan Rita Australia
Noonan Rita Australia

General classification

place last name first name club league region country
1 Scott Sara Sydney University NSW Australia
2 Noonan Rita Maison Escrime ACT Australia
3 Buchanan Courtney Silversword Fencing Academy NSW Australia
3 Syme Catherine SHFA NSW Australia
5 Buchanan Tanya Silversword Fencing Academy NSW Australia