• The ACT Fencing Association Inc. (ACTFA) is the representative body for the sport of Fencing in the ACT.  We are affiliated with the Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) and through the AFF, the Federation Internationale d'Escrime (FIE).

  • ACTFA supports local fencing though providing equipment for clubs to hire, running state competitions, providing local rankings, training and accrediting officials, organising promotional events and media coverage and more.

  • Within the ACT and surrounding areas there are a number of ACTFA affiliated Fencing Clubs providing beginner, intermediate and advanced training and competitions.  Individual fencers are also affiliated with ACTFA, usually through their club membership or they may join ACTFA directly.  ACTFA affiliation permits local fencers to compete nationally and, with additional requirements, internationally through the AFF to the international fencing body, the FIE.

Start List

 Name   First name   Club 
 CHRISTIE   Gordon   DUEL 



  Poule No 1 V/M Indicator HS
MAJOR Peter  SWORDPLAY   2 3 V V 0.500 -2 15
DIMPEL Hans  ENGARDE V   0 4 2 0.250 -6 11
SADLER Chris  SWORDPLAY V V   V V 1.000 13 20
WEBSTER Garry  SWORDPLAY 3 V 2   3 0.250 -6 13
CHRISTIE Gordon  DUEL 4 V 2 V   0.500 1 16


Poules Ranking

 Rank   Name   First name   Club   Victory/match   Ind.   HS 
 1   SADLER   Chris   SWORDPLAY   1.000   13   20 
 2   CHRISTIE   Gordon   DUEL   0.500   1   16 
 3   MAJOR   Peter   SWORDPLAY   0.500   -2   15 
 4   WEBSTER   Garry   SWORDPLAY   0.250   -6   13 
 5   DIMPEL   Hans   ENGARDE   0.250   -6   11 


Tableau of 8

    Tableau of 8     Semi-finals   Final
          SADLER Chris 
            SADLER Chris 
 DIMPEL Hans   ENGARDE          10/7
          DIMPEL Hans      
 WEBSTER Garry   SWORDPLAY     10/5     
              SADLER Chris 
 MAJOR Peter   SWORDPLAY            10/4
          MAJOR Peter      
            CHRISTIE Gordon 
          CHRISTIE Gordon 
 CHRISTIE Gordon   DUEL    



 Rank   Name   First name   Club 
 1   SADLER   Chris   SWORDPLAY 
 2   CHRISTIE   Gordon   DUEL 
 3   DIMPEL   Hans   ENGARDE 
 3   MAJOR   Peter   SWORDPLAY