Novice Mens Epee

Previous 12 Months Included (Rolling Rankings)

1Richard BrysonEngarde 88553300
2John TaylorMasters51252600
3Liam PurssEngarde 3503500
4Benjamin CrowleyEngarde 2121000

as at 2018-12-30

Rankings were calculated using the following results

Benjamin Crowley2018 Riverina Championships - Men's Novice EpeeNoviceClub621
John Taylor2018 ACT Novice Mixed EpeeNoviceState526
John Taylor2018 Riverina Championships - Men's Novice EpeeNoviceClub325
Liam Purss2018 ACT Novice Mixed EpeeNoviceState135
Richard Bryson2018 ACT Novice Mixed EpeeNoviceState233
Richard Bryson2018 Riverina Championships - Men's Novice EpeeNoviceClub130
Richard Bryson2018 ANU Annual - Mixed Novice EpeeNoviceClub325

The following results were NOT used